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Hello I Am An Entrepreneur!

Nothing succeeds like success. In creating new businesses, or growing existing businesses, what best leads to successes is delivering a dynamic training and mentoring program that has been proven to yield measurable results.

Coupled with realistic, achievable Business Plans, Marketing Strategies and entrepreneurial resources, the “Hello I Am An Entrepreneur” Program has proven itself to be a major success.

For existing entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs, the “Hello I am an Entrepreneur” Program provides a comprehensive program steeped in real world business know-how, delivered by successful businesspeople, and tailored very much to the ideas, dreams and hopes of entrepreneurs.

Aside from standard business training modules, ranging from business planning and marketing, to budgeting and finance, every real-world aspect of business is thoroughly covered. Topics include rewards and risks, business idea strengths and weaknesses, cultural issues and opportunities, the business mindset, the pleasures (and pains) of entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, business survival and success skills.

The Program extends to delivering Business Development Strategies for the growth of entrepreneurship in communities, academia and organizations.

Interested parties can contact Jay Silverberg at helloiamanentrepreneur@gmail.com. Jay is a very approachable, successful and creative trainer and mentor, and has founded and grown a number of businesses. Jay has provided Professional Business and Economic Consulting to many companies, from start-ups to multinationals, and to communities, including Indigenous groups.


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Synergy Management Group Ltd.
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